From the Americas to Asia

FRIGO KING is a Brazilian company, built on the pillars of durability, quality and trust to offer durable products with technology, training, low maintenance and your truck much more time on route. It's not just about principles, but about a true philosophy, which we call SUPER HEAVY DUTY, focused on work and development, thinking about you who work hard for success.

Confidence Durability
Frigo King

OUR ROUTE IS THE SUCCESS of good business around the world.


We built, over the time, a work method so robust and efficient as Frigo King equipment, which we call Super Heavy Duty. It is not just a simple method, but a complete work philosophy with focus on quality and efficiency, designed for whom work hard for its business. Our propose is keep your truck more time on the right route.


We work on projects that provide smart and sustainable temperature control solutions for transportation. Our equipment and people provide our customers with confidence and durability so that goods reach their destinations safely and efficiently.


Our purpose is to understand each customer's need to offer assertive strategies and guidelines for their cold chain. We build relationships based on the pillars of durability, quality and trust, offering durable products with technology, training, low maintenance and a longer truck on the road.


The experience that a company offer is as important as the products it sells. To assure that experience to the costumer become excellent since the very beginning contact is a commitment we carry on our DNA. Frigo King has been highlight overseas for smart maintenance, easy access to global suppliers, free training about equipment, business and management, last generation technology, and easy access to technical assistance. Frigo King represents the sustainable economy for successful business.


Digital advances are what moves Frigo King to offer functional, efficient and easy-to-use technology, allowing its customers to intelligently access, in the palm of their hand, accurate information, logger and location of refrigeration systems connected through bluetooth technology on the driver's cell phone at no cost or monthly fees for your business.

Commitment Frigo King

Our commitment to sustainability extends to the environmental impacts of our people, activities, products and services. Frigo King, as a global company that wants a more sustainable future, is working to keep food and perishables transported safely, innovating refrigeration technologies for efficient and reliable small and medium transport.

Team with Purpose

We are made up of a team of creative, collaborative and talented people, committed to customer success, with purpose in our Super Heavy Duty philosophy for performance, growth and the best results for society and the planet.