State-of-the-art equipment to ensure safety and versatility in transporting various types of cargo.

Those operating in the low-temperature transport business know that the quality and integrity of the transported products is highly dependent on the operational performance of refrigeration equipment.

Factors such as component quality, operability and the technology applied in cooling engineering are crucial for the transported products to reach their destination correctly.

That’s why Frigo King appliances are designed to deliver maximum efficiency and ensure cooling at optimal temperatures and conditions, always at the forefront of state-of-the-art technologies to prevent spoilage of all types of perishables.

We take care that Frigo King takes daily to reaffirm its commitment to innovation, positively and decisively impacting productivity and results for your business! No wonder we are already a world reference in refrigerated transport for various segments.


Transporting meat and meat products is not the easiest of tasks. At this stage of the cold chain, any slip or incident along the way may represent modifications ranging from changes in taste, color, texture and other cutting characteristics to product destruction.

Here it is extremely important to strictly observe all risk points so that the temperature is kept as constant as possible and, of course, to carefully examine the condition and capacity of the refrigeration equipment. In addition, the carrier needs to keep an eye on load distribution, temperature, speed and efficiency in transferring products from the camera to the vehicle and vice versa.

It is precisely to facilitate and ensure safety and, of course, the right temperature for all these processes that Frigo King equipment is developed with superior efficiency and the latest technology! For this, we work with sensors and controllers that ensure efficiency in both body pre-cooling and defrosting and in the distribution of cold air through the refrigerator chest.


Among the main purposes of the refrigerated storage of fruit and vegetables, the reduction of the biological activity of the products, delaying their maturation process, the reduction of the activity of microorganisms and, of course, the minimization of water loss, which occurs through the control of humidity, are highlighted.

At Frigo King, we are well aware of the importance of maintaining a controlled temperature for the transportation of this type of cargo. More than that, we know how critical it is to be able to count on reliable, rugged and high performance equipment when transporting it.

That’s why our equipment has state-of-the-art technologies to ensure the conveyor has at its disposal the best tools for efficient real-time temperature control.


One of the most delicate items of refrigerated transport, medicines require a lot of special care from carriers: temperatures can neither fall nor rise too high. Not to mention that in this industry any lot loss can mean a huge financial and health loss!

In terms of cold chain, this type of load requires constant attention and control, in addition to following cleaning standards and monitoring of health professionals. This means that from manufacturing to consumer procurement, the transportation of medicines is monitored by strict rules and all companies involved must be allowed to operate.

And when it comes to proper transportation of drugs at low temperatures, Frigo King knows it shares responsibility for the final product. That’s why our equipment is developed with technologies that guarantee its operation even under extreme conditions, with alternative power sources and temperature sensors.

Flowers and plants

Because they are delicate and perishable, the handling of flowers and plants requires speed, rigorous temperature control during transport, specific packaging and a host of other precautions that are part of this logistics chain.

Not to mention that, especially in a country with such sharp temperature differences as Brazil, we must be aware of changes that may compromise the longevity of these products. This is because the ideal transport temperature for most flowers varies between 1 and 7 degrees, requiring close monitoring so that the load does not suffer damage, such as petal darkening or even early rot.

Choosing the ideal cooling equipment is critical in this process, as flowers and plants need to be kept at the right temperature throughout the journey. This is why Frigo King refrigeration equipment is always responsible for maintaining the ideal temperature in the refrigerated trunk, allowing remote adjustment according to the type of plants and flowers being transported.

Other chilled foods

Dairy products and derivatives, frozen foods and seafood are some of the products that require more precise control of refrigeration during the transport process to ensure their consumption conditions.

In these cases, there are several particularities that need to be noted by the carriers. Frozen items, for example, require higher temperatures for preservation, while cold and dairy only require refrigeration. Therefore, putting them together results in a temperature imbalance, which can affect the integrity of perishables.

With this in mind, Frigo King works with equipment that has tools for monitoring cargo conditions throughout the transport phase, always ensuring that the loading, unloading, defrosting and transporting processes are carried out without risk to the cargo.

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