Always at the forefront of the market, Frigo King has innovation in its DNA. Proof of this is our culture of constantly investing in research and development in pursuit of technologies that increasingly offer convenience, efficiency and customer connectivity.

In this context, we are proud to present the newest fruit of this work: My Frigo King! A pioneering solution in the global refrigerated transportation market, our next-generation app is here to return control of your cargo in the palm of your hand!


My Frigo King offers features that allow the driver to track, in real time, the main information about the refrigerated chest and the refrigeration equipment, adjusting the temperature, defrosting and tracking the performance of the trip through the phone screen!


With a unique data storage function, My Frigo King also has applications to track your travels, allowing you to view compressor and equipment performance histories at any time.


Having control of your vehicle fleet in your palm has never been easier. With My Frigo King’s remote tracking, you can access your truck information from anywhere in the world, track routes and check location via GPS.

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Much more security for your fleet!

With logging functions designed to provide the ultimate in performance, safety and control for your transportation routine, My Frigo King brings together a host of technical and operational information from your refrigeration equipment at the touch of a button:

  • Internal temperature record
  • Pressure peak record
  • Engine speed
  • Motor temperature
  • Phase voltage on equipment
  • Engine oil and water level
  • Oil pressure record
  • SETPOINT temperature
My Frigo King

Real-time equipment technology and information in the palm of your hand.

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My Frigo King